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We can advise you on all aspects of retirement planning.

Whether it is reviewing all the policies, plans and schemes you already hold, or recommending new forms of pension contracts for you to use.

The world of pensions can be very complex, and often very confusing, due to all the legislation which has been introduced over the years. We can guide you through the jargon and explain which options available best suit you.

Retirement planning does not just involve pension schemes, there are many other types of investment which can be used effectively to increase your income, or give you additional capital to draw on in retirement.

When you decide to retire and draw benefits from your pension schemes, we can help once again. Under the “open market option” we can research the annuity market for you, to ensure you get the best rate of income for your pension funds. You may be a smoker, or have some health problems, which will actually help to increase the benefits we can secure for you.

There are also other ways to generate retirement income from your pension funds, which enable you to access your tax free lump sum, but leave the remaining funds invested in funds of your choice. Full details of these options would be explained to you, when you decide to draw your benefits.

Information is based on our understanding of current legislation and this may change in the future.

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